RX40 Rebar Tier

RX40 Rebar Tying Gun HR
RX40 Rebar Tying Gun HR
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The ultimate time saver - one day's hand tying in 3 hours!
Supplied complete with 2 x batteries, 1 x charger, 4 x rebar tying wire coils and heavy duty carry case.

Max tying diameter: 40mm
Time to make knot: 0.9 seconds
Turns per tie: 2-3 turns
Ties per coil: Approx. 160 (2 turns)
Ties per charge: Over 3000 @ 2 turns, 2500 @ 3 turns
Length of wire for tying: 600mm @ 2 turns, 780mm @ 3 turns

Item Code Wire Voltage Length(mm) Height(mm) Weight(g)
PCB-RX40 RX40 Rebar Tying Wire DC14.4V 285 296 2200

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Description Documents