3.15 Cordless Batten Stapler

Delfast NAC CB315 Delfast NAC CB315Front
Delfast NAC CB315 Delfast NAC CB315Front
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Powerful cordless fence batten stapler that fires both plain and barbed 3.15 staples.
No compressor required making it portable and convenient; ideal for quick fence repairs and hill country fencing. Other features include an adjustable depth set and a custom nose for positioning staple accurately over wire. Comes complete with a plastic carry case, two batteries and a charger.

Battery: 6V
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Shots per Hour: Up to 1000
Shot per Charge: Up to 5200
Shots per Fuel Cell: Up to 1200
Fuel Cell: 31.5mm x 165mm

Item Code  Staple Range (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Fastener Capacity
NAC-CB315 3.15 Series, plain & barb 33-40 373x108x356 3.94 75



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